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Software Revisions -- V8

Here is information about the latest available revisions of the version 8 TypeWell software.  For revisions of other versions, see the page for V5 revisions, V6 revisions or V7 revisions.

How to check for software updates

Changes in 886   (August 2023)

  • Dictionary updates related to capitalization, hyphenation, and apostrophes
  • New words added to dictionary
  • Disabled steno connection functionality in Transcriber (now only available in Connect)
  • Updated End-User License Agreement
  • Changed Internal Linking URLs from HTTPS to HTTP
  • Fixed bugs in new TCP client

Changes in 885   (March 2023)

  • Added SSL support to web linking connections.

Changes in 883   (November 2022)

  • Updated connection protocol between desktop application and the server.

Changes in 880   (July 2022)

  • Fixed crash using Internal Linking with HTTPS

Changes in 879   (July 2021)

  • Improved Zoom paragraph splitting
  • Dictionary updates

Changes in 878   (April 2021)

  • Prompt to delete Zoom API token when starting a new transcript
  • On-the-fly PAL entries default to last-used list
  • Capitalization of first letter is preserved when adding PAL entries on-the-fly via TypeWell Everywhere
  • Fixed a bug with PAL entries that contained single quotes

Changes in 877   (January 2021)

  • Zoomgov.com support
  • Fixed bug shutting down TypeWell when installing a new version and launching existing running TypeWell from shortcut
  • Minor expansion tweaks/fixes
  • Dictionary updates

Changes in 875   (November 2020)

  • Dictionary updates
  • Improved expansion speed
  • "Favor More Common Words" feature behaves more like the V7 dictionary (which had fewer rare words)
  • Zoom Linking updates

Changes in 873   (September 2020)

  • Zoom Linking integration with line-at-a-time mode
  • Handles Unicode characters (Math Mode) properly in Zoom
  • Bug fixes

Changes in 871   (September 2020)

  • Zoom Linking integration with word-at-a-time mode
  • Improved performance & reliability of TypeWell Everywhere
  • Auto-login at startup

Changes in 869   (June 2020)

  • Official release of V8
  • Misc bug fixes and dictionary updates
  • Removed "playback log" feature due to privacy concerns on shared computers

Changes in 867   (August 2019)

  • Beta release of V8 with greatly expanded English dictionary (4+ million words)
  • Web Linking URLs always display https instead of http (note that old Web Linking URLs can be viewed in secure browser session by changing http to https in the address bar)
  • Optional Canadian English and British English dictionaries for different spelling conventions
  • French and Spanish dictionaries (beta) available for foreign language transcribers; feature(s) only enabled on a case-by-case basis (contact us)
  • Export/import Web Linking channels
  • User login restricted to transcriber accounts, not permitted to login with organization accounts
  • Updated auto-activation feature for software license keys
  • When logged in to program, user can click File > Manage License to access their user.typewell.com account
  • Playback log files of typing sessions