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Software Revisions -- V5

Here is information about the latest available revisions of the version 5 TypeWell software.  For revisions of other versions, see the page for V8 revisions, V7 revisions, or V6 revisions.

Changes in 544

  • Fixed startup crash due to PAL error.

Changes in 543

  • StreamText linking no longer supported (must upgrade to V7 Premium or higher to link with StreamText).
  • Revised End User License Agreement.

Changes in 537

  • First version under Catalina Solutions LLC.

Changes in 535

  • Fixed "trust" message that was coming up in Windows on install.

Changes in 531

  • Remove shift-space recommendation on status line for short cap words like Alan.
  • Fixed crash on editing files with special characters \b and \f.

Changes in 528

  • No longer crashes when userabbr.dict contains empty items.

Changes in 527

  • (Everywhere only) Minimizing Everywhere now works when Windows animations are turned off.