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Qualify & Apply for the TypeWell Basic Skills Course

Here’s how the TypeWell training process works:

Ensure you possess the necessary skills to succeed in the training

  • Good listening and memory abilities
  • Excellent English proficiency
  • Typing speed of 60+ word per minute (WPM) without errors
  • Basic computer knowledge

Consider your physical well-being

Transcribing involves intensive typing, so if you have a history of arm or wrist pain, this could lead to repetitive motion disorders. If you experience pain during the course, your course will be paused and you’ll be required to consult with a medical professional before being allowed to proceed.

Complete the online application

  • Spend 30-40 minutes on the FREE application
  • Covers transcriber job, equipment needs, and course overview
  • Application acceptance does not guarantee course enrollment

Identify a course sponsor (optional)

A course sponsor is not required for application or enrollment. However, first-time transcribers will be encouraged to connect with a school, university, or company to secure employment once you complete the training.

Application acceptance & course fee

  • Upon acceptance, you (or your payer) will pay the registration fee to enroll.
  • Payment plans are available.
  • Financial assistance is available to lower-income individuals (e.g. those receiving financial assistance or who can provide documentation of annual income)

Enrollment & course Materials

  • Receive enrollment emails with registration instructions, start date selection, mailing information for course materials, and a signed waiver and information sheet
  • Choose your course start date, ranging from one week to three months
  • Materials include a workbook and software installation instructions, arriving by mail a day or two before your start date

Ongoing communication & support

  • TypeWell emails you (and your sponsor, if applicable) with course information, performance updates, test scores, and individualized feedback
  • Candidates should arrange for potential technical support needs in advance

Ready to apply?

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