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Create Your Application Account

To apply for the TypeWell transcribing course, you must establish a free online account. If you enroll in the TypeWell transcribing course, you will use this account to submit your assignments.

The free application includes a detailed description of the transcribing course requirements and asks you to complete some listening, grammar, and typing tests. We'll explain how to have test results sent to your course sponsor, if applicable.

Your Full Name

Use your full, legal name. After completing the course, that name will appear on your official TypeWell course grade and Service Qualification report for potential employers.
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Important: If you already have a TypeWell account, you cannot create another. If you have more than one application account, you will be disqualified from enrolling in the course. Contact us if you have questions.

Your Main Email Address

Use your most permanent and frequently checked personal e-mail address. You can update it later if you need to. You cannot use a hotmail.com or msn.com account.

To receive communications from our teachers and tech support staff, add admin@noreply.typewell.com as a contact and set your e-mail program to recognize typewell.com as non-spam.

We only use your e-mail address to send important course information, such as deadlines. We will not sell or share your e-mail address with anyone without your permission.

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