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Currently Available Course Start Dates

The most qualified applicants, after being admitted, can choose from the following available course start dates.  Note that the transcribing course doesn't start immediately after admittance!  Rather, a candidate must choose a course start date from the list of available dates. 

Each candidate works with our teaching team.  These live teachers are one feature that makes the TypeWell transcribing course the best available. 

If you are in a hurry to complete the course, there are two things to do.  First, sign up right away to get the soonest available start date.  Second, plan to work several hours every day, once the start date arrives.  Here are more details about the course schedule

Start dates are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.  To reserve a date, the candidate must complete the application, be admitted, and then complete enrollment, including payment.  Then the candidate can go into his or her online TypeWell account and advance to the "Pick Start Date" step.  (If you haven't already created an account, you can start the application here.

Here are the currently available starting dates for transcribing courses over the next 3 months.   

  • August 17:  Full, already shipping.
  • August 24:  Available (closing in 4 days).
  • August 31:  Available.
  • September 7:  Available.
  • September 14:  Available.
  • September 21:  Available.
  • September 28:  Available.
  • October 5:  Available.
  • October 12:  Available.
  • October 19:  Available.
  • October 26:  Available.
  • November 2:  Available.
  • November 9:  Available.

We only take reservations up to 3 months ahead.  If you'd like a later start date, please come back here 3 months before the desired date.