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How to Download and Install TypeWell Everywhere (Version 6)

The newest Windows revision is 645. The newest Mac revision is 635.  See the revisions page for details on what is new in this revision.

For Mac: please contact us about Mac OS compatibility.

If you are checking whether to update your existing version of TypeWell Everywhere to this latest one, find which version you currently have by going to the About page in your TypeWell program's Help menu (Windows) or in the TW Preferences within System Preferences (Mac). Compare the revision shown there to the latest-available revision for your operating system, shown in section 1 below.

If you are managing your site's licenses at the TypeWell web site, but someone else has the computer to which TypeWell should be installed, send that person a link to this web page.  He or she can do step 1 below, and should then contact you for the remaining steps.

1. Download TypeWell Everywhere

If you have Internet access on the computer on which you want to install TypeWell Everywhere, click the appropriate link below to download TypeWell Everywhere.
For Windows: download revision 645.

For Mac: please contact us about Mac OS compatibility

to the Desktop.

Otherwise, put some form of memory media into your computer, such as a USB memory device.  Suppose you use a USB memory stick.  Then, click the link above to download.  When your browser asks, choose to save the file to the USB memory stick. 

2. Install TypeWell Everywhere

On the installation computer, install by double-clicking the icon for the downloaded file from step 1.  Or, if you had to download it using a different computer, insert the USB memory stick into the installation computer.  Locate the USB memory stick using Windows, and double-click on the tw645everywhere.exe icon.  TypeWell Everywhere will begin to install. 

3. Get a License Key

When installation is nearly complete, TypeWell Everywhere will display an Activation window.  Write down the installation number that is displayed.

To finish installation, you'll need to get a license key from the TypeWell web site.  Sign in using the password that was emailed to you when your software was purchased.  Then click Licenses in the blue bar. 

At the TypeWell Everywhere Licenses web page, click the button of the license you'd like to assign to this computer.  Fill out the information requested.  Type the displayed license key into your TypeWell Everywhere program's Activation window, and click Activate.  The program will display a blank page, that means it's fully installed. 

4. Clean Up

If you downloaded the file directly to your Desktop in step 1, it's a good idea to delete it now, so that you don't confuse the downloaded file in the future with the now-installed TypeWell Everywhere software. 

In Case of Difficulty

If you run into a problem while following these directions, write to support@typewell.com with a description of the problem, your phone number, and what time of day you'll be available for a call.